Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Overcoming technology intimidation!

Musing in a corner ... I reflect that normally I don't find technologies intimidating...quite the opposite...normally challenging and exciting. The difference is this...this is PUBLIC! (well, somewhat!) It is quite different blindly fumbling through programme experimentation in private than having to demonstrate 'competence' in a public forum.

So...with some trepidation I have now uploaded a photo of my beautiful pup and have made my first comment on another blog.

The next hurdle...a day in the life...hmmm....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Beginning...

Well, by way of beginning I'm now celebrating having found the tab that says 'New Post'...and I'm hoping that these words miraculously appear in the appropriate spot! name's Amanda and I have never blogged at all before - noting that this is, of course, obvious to all ;-).

So - to address the elements of introduction, as asked:

I have a background in education - having taught a variety of subjects in an array of high schools. I've also worked in adult learning for a number of organisations and am currently working on a project that required the development of a training programme for some of our staff. It turns out that flexible learning is the most appropriate medium for this - hence I am embarking on an enormous learning curve!

My only prior experience with any kind of alternate learning delivery is that I'm currently studying by distance through an Australian Uni, so work with blackboard and postings (and the dreaded e-submission!) in that environment.