Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Overcoming technology intimidation!

Musing in a corner ... I reflect that normally I don't find technologies intimidating...quite the opposite...normally challenging and exciting. The difference is this...this is PUBLIC! (well, somewhat!) It is quite different blindly fumbling through programme experimentation in private than having to demonstrate 'competence' in a public forum.

So...with some trepidation I have now uploaded a photo of my beautiful pup and have made my first comment on another blog.

The next hurdle...a day in the life...hmmm....


  1. yeah i know where you're coming's very public. i know it's enriching all these new skills i'm learning and i'm sure it will get less painfull.

  2. Hi Amanda, great to meet you here online :) This public persona stuff can can be fun - you can be anyone you like here (summed up in this cartoon: on the web no-one knows you're a dog). Catch you in cyberspace, p

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